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Front cover, Temescal Legacies

Studio One Art Center, 365-45th St., 2004. Courtesy of Jeff Norman

Sacramento Northern, #1008, 40th and Shafter, circa 1940. Courtesy of Paul Smith

Construction of MacArthur BART Station and Grove Shafter Freeway, 1967. Courtesy of BART, collection of John Harder

Eugene Lasartemay (EBNHS president) in front of museum and library of the East Bay Negro Historical Society, 4519 Grove St., 1976. Courtesy of African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO)

Terraced bank of Temescal Creek, behind 5428-38 Claremont, 1972. Courtesy of Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

B E S T   S E L L E R   f r o m   S H A R E D   G R O U N D !

San Francisco Chronicle, weeks of February 11 and 18, 2007
Category: Paperbacks, Bay Area

Temescal Legacies: Narratives of Change
from a North Oakland Neighborhood

By Jeff Norman

2006, softcover, 184 pages, illustrated, index
ISBN: 0-9778893-0-0

$18.95 in local stores or order here for $20.00,including
sales tax and shipping.

Temescal Legacies examines five significant changes to the Temescal district and surrounding neighborhoods of North Oakland, and the impacts these changes have had on the community. Featuring interviews with long-time Oakland residents, an array of archival documents, and over 200 previously unpublished photographs, Temescal Legacies explores:

* The joint effort in the late 1940s by the North Oakland community and the city of Oakland to establish a recreation facility and the Studio One Art Center on 45th Street.

* The rise and fall of the electric interurban Sacramento Northern Railway, which from 1913 to 1957 ran from its depot at Shafter Avenue and 40th Street, up Shafter, through the Oakland hills, and on to Sacramento and Chico.

* The development in the late 1950s and 1960s of the Grove-Shafter Freeway (Highway 24), and the Temescal and Rockridge communities' efforts to affect the freeway's route and keep their neighborhoods intact.

* The founding of the East Bay Negro Historical Society in the 1960s by a dedicated group of African Americans, and the concurrent shifts in Temescal's demographics.

* The burying in the early 1970s of the four-block stretch of Temescal Creek from Hardy to Clarke streets, and the neighborhood's battle to keep the creek open.

Whether you grew up or now live in North Oakland, want to know more about the evolution of Oakland's neighborhoods, or are interested in urban history, you will appreciate Temescal Legacies. Its mix of personal stories, abundant visuals, and original design brings local history alive--while helping us make connections between Temescal's past and present.

Order here your copy of Temescal Legacies.


Stores Carrying Temescal Legacies

- Cole Hardware, 5533 College Ave., 230-0145
- East Bay Bookseller, 5433 College Ave., 653-9965
- Owl & Company, 3941 Piedmont Ave., 788-5821
- Pendragon Books, 5560 College Ave., 652-6259
- Spectator Books, 4163 Piedmont Ave., 653-7300

- Moe's Books, 2476 Telegraph Ave., 849-4791


Related News

* In recognition of Shared Ground's work over the past ten years, Jeff Norman was selected as Best Neighborhood Activist by the East Bay Express in its "Best of the East Bay 2007" issue (May 2, 2007).

* April 26, 2007. Jeff Norman was guest speaker at the Alameda County Historical Society's Spring Dinner, held at the Lakeside Park Garden Center in Oakland. Jeff gave a 40-minute presentation on Temescal Legacies and how recent developments in North Oakland once again are changing the face of the neighborhood.

* March 8, 2007. Jeff Norman, joined two other authors of recent books on Oakland and its communities who received grants from the city's Cultural Funding Program. The event was sponsored by the Oakland History Room and held at the Oakland Public Library.

* February 2007. Temescal Legacies made the San Francisco Chronicle's best-seller list (Bay Area paperback category).

* A review by Harlan Kessel of Temescal Legacies appeared in the January 2007 issue of the Alameda County Historical Society Quarterly.

* December 17, 2006. Diesel Books on College Avenue in Oakland hosted a meet-the-author event with Jeff Norman, author of Temescal Legacies.

* December 9, 2006. A community-wide event celebrating the publication of Temescal Legacies was held at the Temescal Branch Library. Over 100 people, including many of those who had been interviewed for the book, attended this Oakland Public Library-sponsored reading, slide presentation, and book signing.

* October 12, 2006. Jeff Norman participated in Oakland Heritage Alliance's First Annual Lecture Series by giving a talk and slide show based on his new book, Temescal Legacies. His presentation addressed the rise and fall of the Sacramento Northern Railway, building of the Grove-Shafter Freeway (Hwy. 24), culverting of Temescal Creek, and the relationships between these neighborhood-changing events.

* An excerpt from Temescal Legacies was published in the Fall 2006 issue of the Oakland Heritage Alliance News.


Funding for Temescal Legacies was provided in part by the Oakland City Council and the City of Oakland's Cultural Funding Program, and by the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program.

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